Homepage of Alexandra. Musician, artist & writer.

Professionally she is a freelance programmer. Previously she worked as graphic designer, illustrator, tech-journalist and manager. Privately she composes music and is in the process of writing books. She plays electric and acoustic guitar, bass, piano, synthesizer, baroque flute, clarinet and create her own instruments through sampling. 

Reaper Nano.

This professional looking theme for Reaper is inspired by the KORG nano product line. Now you can have your Reaper DAW look like your KORG peripherals. My goal was to create a theme that would make look Reaper less intimidating. I like elegance and simplicity, and I think I succeded in my aim to approach this. Read more.

Celestia synthesizer

Celestia is a modular wavetable synthesizer which I developed and designed for Native Instruments Kontakt. It is rather unique and unlike other synthesizers, as it uses formants to alter sounds. Free download. Read more.