I've created various illustrations for books, CD's and magazines. Some of which will be placed here, most rights are reserved. If in doubt, please visit the terms page or the contact page.

• From June until July 2021, we have created an art installation named: The Assay
• From May until July 2020, we have created various calendars, purchase here: Calendars
• 2020: Website: mystryl.art (under development)
• 2019: Created and compiled my tattoo design portfolio: Tattoo portfolio. ©2019 Mystryl Art
• 2005: 22 handdrawn indian ink illustrations for a medic book. © ISBN 90-77668-22-5
• 2000: Various oil paintings.
• 1998: Portrait on canvas.
• 1995: Various covers for tapes, CD's.
• 1990: Graffiti art, stickers.
• 1988: Comic book, handrawn in school.