This is my personal journal where I write down my experiences, share my sentiments and thoughts about various subjects and events. These post may or may not be placed on my instagram page.

Vintage find

12th of june, 2020.
Vintage find in a thrift store: Waterdrop sparklers with matching pendant. This is what I really enjoy finding: it isn't extravagant, but also not rubbish. It was quite a bargain though. Good + Cheap = a very difficult balance to strike.

Growing tobacco

28th of april, 2020.
Growing tobacco is not easy either. From seed to plant in the 6th week of growth.


24th of april, 2020.
Growing strawberries... studying nature makes me appreciate the time it takes for something to grow. It takes close to two years for a strawberry plant to yield from seed to fruit. Nature is rather slow, but perfect, as the more time we invest into something, the better the quality. Rushing things makes much waste.


23rd of april, 2020.
Walking through Nature is good for both mental and physical health.


23rd of april, 2020.
Getting more Nature inside of my drawing room.


14th of april, 2020.
My makeup selection on a daily basis. I do not have much, the only item that changes is the nailpolish and often only wear a basecoat for shimmer. Minimalism is key, for both the wallet and the environment.

Easter 2020

12th of april, 2020.
Easter egg hunt in my garden.


5th of april, 2020.
A guest post I did for society of nature. Pearls capture the imagination and are a timeless choice in jewelry. However, farming pearls affect the environment. For one string of pearls, hundreds of oysters have to be opened. Instead of buying new pearl products, we would suggest buying already existing pearl jewelry from antique shops (ask for the age of pearling) or go for moonstone (chandramani). Oysters are delicate beings that have a very special function in nature, one of them is to give shelter to small and lost creatures. We believe we can be beautiful without hurting nature, to live in harmony.


3rd of april, 2020.
Wishing you a sunny day with much light and love... everything is love. Even the things we do not understand, yet.

Victorian Pinchbeck

25th of march, 2020.
Found this beautiful handmade late Victorian Pinchbeck, with a Scottish thistle and Amethyst glass in Aunty Betty's store. Such a lovely little brooch.

Storing my notes

24th of march, 2020.
Storing my notes. Without cover, there is an openness that is gentle and fragile. Allowing the air to move through, prove and age it, before making it permanent into a fixed format such as a notebook or perhaps a book. It is my experience that slowing down tends to make things less frivolous, allowing time to store more quality.


4th of march, 2020.
Journey to beautiful London, honouring the greatest country on Earth. Sitting snugly between the paws of the Sphinx Lion, journaling the sentiments and impressions of the weary Thames... looking through the eye, and a Sun that moves behind the Obelisk of Syene, on a first quarter Moon rising behind the Sphinx. From Ægypt to Albion. Nefer Medu Neter! (beautiful words of nature)

Wild Horses

19th of january, 2020.
Watching wild horses on the Veluwe... it was a fine Sunday with beautiful scenes. Some rain made the horses gallop towards a tree line.


11th of january, 2020.
Good morning. Beautiful sunrise today, taken from my livingroom.

Happy New Year!

31st of december, 2019.
Happy new year, wishing you all a productive and fruitful 2020.