Topics of Research & Inventions.
• Flaneurette is involved in multiple research projects that will be listed here when available.
• Midistick is an ergonomic user interface for DAW's and music creation tools. Current design project: midistick v2.0 © all rights reserved. 1984-2021, patent pending. For more information or licensing, contact me through the contact page.

tags: midistick, midikey, midi interface, invention, daw, midi.
Geometric Ruler
• Geometry in real world applications. Current project: Geometric Ruler a research project based upon golden ratio & Fibonacci number sequence, to create a geometric ruler for drawing and measurement purposes. (CC BY-ND) attribution; all rights reserved. 1984-2021. Inspired by a Samsung printboard.  

tags: geometry, ruler, fibonacci, golden ratio, golden mean.