Software & Scripts

A collection of scripts I have written. Mainly for my own use, reference and archival purposes. Over the years I lost many scripts that I have written, and I figured that from now on, it would be a good idea to archive them on my homepage.
Instruments - The instruments I have developed over the years
Scripts - A collection of scripts I have written
Themes - A collection of themes I have developed
Presets - Presets I have created for various software.
Extensions - Extensions for Mozilla FireFox (unmaintained).


XUL to HTML converter. - Software: XUL to HTML converter.
Moon-Phases-PNG.zip - Graphics: zip with 8 phases of the Moon.
MSMResonance.html - Acoustics: a JavaScript mass-spring-mass calculator. 

ReaChorder.zip - a Python program that can generate a complete MIDI song structure. 
GuitarChorder.py - Reaper script that can draw guitar MIDI patterns.
MIDI.zip - Python scripts to control MIDI devices in Windows.
MarkovChain.py - MarkovChain with chord progressions.
drumpatterns.json - Drum patterns transcribed to MIDI (pitch) values.

FireSuite.xpi - Fire Suite, first security pentest extension for FireFox. (2008)
Arioso.js - Opera Arioso,  Active browser vulnerability detection & protection (2008) 
FireEncrypter.xpi - Fire Encrypter, first encryption extension for FireFox. (2006) 
FireHash.xpi - Fire Hash, an extension to generate hashes. (2007)
ConsolePlus.xpi - Console Plus, a console extension for FireFox. (2008)
Vixen.xpi - Vixen, a complete WYSIWYG editor for FireFox.(2010)

PHP: class.db.php - PHP Database class.
Automated File Integrity Bot.zip - PHP Automated filesum integrity bot. (2008)
htaccess.zip - Webapplication firewall .htaccess (2007)
SQL Injection cheat sheet - The orginal SQL cheatsheet I wrote. (2006)
PHP: class.imageSanitize.php - PHP Secure upload class, for sanitizing images. (2008)
Flash Object VBFuzzer - A fuzzer for Flash objects. (2007)
PHP HTML Fuzzer - A fuzzer for HTML Tags. (2007)

VBS: Backup.vbs - Simple backup script.
VBS: FindcopyScripts.vbs - Find all scripts and move them to a directory. 
VBS: FindcopyImg.vbs - Find all images and move them to a directory.
VBS: FindcopyDoc.vbs - Find all document and move them to a directory.
VBS: ConvertMp3toMp4.vbs - Convert all MP3's to MP4's with an image placeholder.
VBS: mp3to32kbpsMono.vbs - Downsample all MP3's in directory to 32kb mono.
REG: Custom-Explorer-Menu-Converter.reg - Custom audio right click menu (Explorer)
VBS: ping.vbs - Ping server and log response.

Rea Rack Presets (18 KB)
Reaper Nano Theme (659.38 KB)
Reaper 5 theme template PSD. (554.74 KB)

BAT: webdav.bat - Create WebDav connection.
Hosts: My Hosts file - Hosts file with 25.000 blocked hosts, collected over the years.

Kontakt instrument, Celestia modular wavetable synthesizer.
Kontakt instrument, Jackson Pro Series guitar.
Kontakt instrument, Dark Drones.
Kontakt instrument, Viola da Gamba.
Kontakt instrument, The Trumpet.
Kontakt instrument, 9 worldinstruments.
Kontakt instrument, Pink Tambourine.
Kontakt instrument, Lighter glitch.
Kontakt instrument, Grasshopper.
Kontakt instrument, IOWA Orchestra part I.
Kontakt instrument, IOWA Orchestra part II.
Kontakt instrument, Alto Flute
Kontakt instrument, Bass Flute
Kontakt instrument, Bassoon
Kontakt instrument, Cello
Kontakt instrument, Clarinet Bass
Kontakt instrument, Clarinet Bb
Kontakt instrument, French Horn
Kontakt instrument, Guitar Classic
Kontakt instrument, Oboe
Kontakt instrument, Piano (Steinway)
Kontakt instrument, Trombone Bass
Kontakt instrument, Trombone Tenor
Kontakt instrument, Tuba
Kontakt instrument, Viola
Kontakt instrument, Violin